How To Buy A Gift Certificate

1. Back on our main page, click any of the orange "Book Your Hike" buttons

2. In the pop-up, select "Gift Card" then "Buy Now"

3. If buying a single gift card (for one person or group) select "1"

4. Under "Choose Amount" select "Other"

If you'd like to pay for a hike in full for, which includes the booking fee:

One person - enter "$50.88" as your amount

Two people - enter "$101.76" as your amount

Three People - enter $152.64 as your amount

Four People - enter $203.52 as your amount

  • If you'd like to only partially pay for a hike (in which case the recipient will pay for any remaining balance when they book their hike) you can enter any dollar amount you would like.

5. Then, simply fill out the form under "Recipient Info" and complete the payment information form.

IMPORTANT: If you’d like the gift certificate to be emailed directly to the recipient, enter their email address under “Recipient Info" // If you'd like the certificate to be emailed to you, so you can print it out and give them a hard copy, enter your email address under "Recipient Info."

The recipient will be able to use the gift card to book their spot on any of our hikes listed on our booking calendar — or, if their desired date is not listed on our calendar, they can contact us to request a date.

If you have any questions, please contact us using the form on our contact page.