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"This is more than just a hike. This is your guide to tackling Los Angeles like an in-the-know locaL" 

Designed to be the first thing you do when visiting Los Angeles, hikes by The Los Angeles Hiking Company are more than just a stroll up a mountain -- they're an expert- guided introduction to the city and how to tackle it like a traveler, not a tourist.

Hike Highlights:   

  • Amazing Views - Take in incredible vistas of the Hollywood sign, downtown skyline, Griffith Observatory, Pacific Ocean and more. 
  • Personalized L.A Recommendations - Get tips, info and advice for your stay in L.A. from your guide - a professional travel writer and L.A. expert.
  • Fascinating History - Discover the story of Griffith Park, the Griffith Observatory and the Hollywood sign. 
  • A Champagne Glass Of Cold Sparkling Cider At The Summit - It's great for photosand of course, for toasting to the beautiful City of Angles.

Want To Have An Amazing Stay In L.A?

(Just Follow Our 3-STEP GUIDE)

Step 1: Get an overview of the city  

Los Angeles is a sprawling city and can be difficult to grasp. That's why the first thing you should do when visiting L.A. is get to higher ground for a figurative and literal "over-view" of the city

With map and binoculars in hand, you'll get a crash course in the city's geography -- including where the neighborhoods, places and things you want to visit are located. 


Los Angeles is one of the coolest, yet most misunderstood, cities in the world.

That's why it's important you hike with not just anyone, but with an in-the-know local expert -- someone who can tell you about hidden neighborhoods, amazing ice cream shops, restaurants (both trending and L.A. institutions), great bars and breweries, and much, much more.

Step 3: ENjoy L.a. Like a LOCAL

Now imagine knowing all that on your very first day in Los Angeles, skipping days worth of confusion, and being able to confidently enjoy your stay in L.A. like a local! 



Hiking Tours Los Angeles | Griffith Park Hiking Tours 

Hi! I'm Trevor Morrow, your guide and new friend in Los Angeles. 

I'm a professional travel writer & blogger who has written for outlets like Outside, Men's Journal, Men's Health and more -- and my thoughts on the outdoors have even been featured on CBS This Morning. I'm also a L.A. local and L.A, expert with my finger on the pulse of the city. 

I started The Los Angeles Hiking Company after realizing that way too many visitors weren't experiencing L.A. to the fullest. They'd visit the typical tourist spots and leave without getting to know the real L.A...or worse yet, leave wishing that their trip had been just a little more special. I'm here to prevent both from happening to you. 

And it all starts with a hike!

I look forward to hiking with you soon on your next trip to Los Angeles.


For more on me and to follow my adventures in L.A. around the world, find me here:


The Los Angeles Hiking Company hikes in beautiful Griffith Park, which is home to over 50 miles of hiking trails, the world famous Griffith Observatory, the most amazing views of the city, and of course, the Hollywood sign. 


Hiking Tours Los Angeles | Griffith Park Hiking Tours

Start your day off right (and like an active L.A. local) with an invigorating morning hike. 





Amazing Views - Take in amazing views of Hollywood sign, the downtown skyline, the Griffith Observatory and more. We'll have binoculars on hand for closer looks!

Incredible Photo Opportunities - Capture unique perspectives of L.A.

Personalized L.A. Tips - Get tips, info and advice for your stay in L.A. from your guide -- a professional travel writer and L.A. expert.

Fascinating History - Discover the stories of Griffith Park, the Griffith Observatory and the Hollywood sign.

A Champagne Glass Of Cold Sparkling Cider At The Summit - It's great for photosand for toasting to the beautiful City of Angles.

Also Included - A selection of healthy, packaged snacks and a bottle of water for each hiker. 



Essential Information:

Price: Gratuity is included in the price! Good to know: other hiking companies will ask you to give your guide a 15-20% cash tip, brining the actual cost of their tours to within $5 of ours. We sure think we're worth the extra $5 (and know you'll think so too)!

Please Note: Becasue of the trail's length (approximately 3.5 miles round trip), the hike is classified as beginner/intermediate in level. Hikers should be in good physical health and confident in their ability to finish the hike in order for everyone to have the best hike possible. Except for one short portion where we take a more rugged trail, both hikes take place on wide and groomed trails with a consistent incline (see photos for details). All hikers will be required to sign a waiver before beginning the hike.


The Los Angeles Hiking Company Difference

When it comes to hiking in Griffith Park, The Los Angeles Hiking Company does things differently.

The Difference Is IN the Details

We know what makes a travel experience truly special

It's The Little Things - We know it's the attention to detail that makes a travel experience extra special. That's why when we reach the summit, we lay out a classic checkered picnic tablecloth, present a basket of snacks, and cheers to the amazing view of the Hollywood sign and city with a champagne glass of cold sparkling cider (it makes for amazing photos).

And while looks aren't everything, in L.A. they're kind of something. That's why, unlike the other guys, our guide wears all black athletic gear with no 'The Los Angeles Hiking Company' branding (so you can feel as much like a local as possible -- not a tourist on a tour).


It's a fact, our hikes are the most informative.  

We Know L.A. - We're passionate about Griffith Park, Los Angeles and ensuring you have a wonderful stay in L.A. We know how to share the best information, and when, and always have an tablet handy to show you fun supplementary photos and video. Plus, our expert guide is a professional travel writer and L.A. local with his finger on the pulse of the city. As for the other guys' "expert" guides -- some have only lived in L.A. for a few months.


Q: What should I bring with me / what should I wear?

Dress like you would if you were going to the gym or out for an active afternoon in a park. Most importantly, you'll want to wear a sturdy pair of running or hiking sneakers with good traction on the bottom. We also recommend bringing a light jacket or sweatshirt (L.A, mornings can be cold), sunscreen (as we'll be exposed to the sun for the majority of the hike), sunglasses (to protect your eyes and look cool), and of course, a camera or cell phone to take amazing photos. 

Q: What's Included?

Every hiker gets a bottle of water and a champagne glass of cold sparkling cider at the summit. We'll also lay out a basket of complimentary packaged snacks for snacking at the summit. And of course, don't forget the information, advice and tips from your expert guide. 

Q: Will We See The Hollywood SigN?

Yes! Griffith Park and the route The Los Angeles Hiking Company takes to the top provides some of the most amazing and unique views of the Hollywood sign. Please note that this hike does not take you directly to, behind, or underneath the sign. 

We'll also get amazing views of the Griffith Observatory, the downtown skyline, the San Gabriel Mountains, and well, the entire city!

Q: How Many hikers are on each hike?

This is just one of many things that sets The Los Angeles Hiking Company apart: our hikes are capped at a maximum of 8 hikers to insure everyone gets personal attention. The other guys don't cap their tour group size (so you never know how many people you'll be with). 


While the weather in L.A. is usually nice, it's not always beautiful and sunny (like how it's portrayed in movies and TV shows). While we keep our fingers crossed for the best weather possible, we can't guarantee a perfectly sunny California day. Hikes are not cancelled on account of clouds -- they are only cancelled in the event of rain. Should your tour be cancelled, we will do our absolute best to reschedule you on another hike (pending availability). If rescheduling is not possible, we will happily issue you a refund.

Q: Is This Hike Good For Children?

We find that the hike itself (including its informational content and pace), is most enjoyed by children over the age of 10 (although you are the best gauge of your child's interest and ability).

Q:Do You offer sunset hikes? 

We don't. Why? Becasue we love mornings in Griffith Park. Mornings are when real, active, L.A locals hike -- and mornings are the most peaceful (and least busy) time to be in the park. Plus, hiking in the morning means you'll have the entire day ahead of you to explore L.A. and maybe even enjoy the sunset at the beach! 

Good to know: On the other guy's "sunset" tour, your tour will be over by the time sunset even begins. Really, it's a "late afternoon" tour. 

Q: Do you offer private hikes or hikes on other days of the week besides thursday and Friday?

If you have a group of 4 or more people and would like to book a private tour for your group on a different day of the week, we may be able to accommodate you. To enquire further about private tours, please email us using the contact form below.

Info: How To Get Great Photos On The Hike

If you will be using a smartphone to take photos during the hike, we recommend downloading these 2 photo apps: Snapseed (free) and VSCOcam (free). We'll even show you how to use the apps and help you take and edit some great photos if you'd like!

INFO: We Recommend Downloading Google Maps

If you don't already have it, we recommend downloading the Google Maps app to your phone prior to our hike. Using Google Maps, you can "star" to save any of the custom recommendations given to you by your guide -- that way, you'll remember them, know where they are, and have them handy for the remainder of your stay in L.A. -- And don't worry if you're not familiar with the app, we'll be happy to show you how to use it.

Q: Where Is Griffith Park?

Griffith Park is a rugged oasis located right in the middle of Los Angles, just minutes from Hollywood.


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We truly look forward to hiking with you and to helping make your stay in Los Angeles absolutely amazing!